ShimoKita Bam Bam is a solo project by Phil Harris, a musician (koto, bass, and drums) and producer who creates a blend of American R&B and Japanese pop, of traditional and modern sounds, and driving rhythms. They are based near Boston, Massachusetts but their spiritual home is in Shimokitazawa, a funky neighborhood in Tokyo, Japan full of artists, live houses, and, of course, izakayas.

Phil Harris has been making music most of their life, primarily as a side-person in more conventional indie rock and blues bands. Over the course of their career, Phil has watched various musicians they came up with achieve various levels of success – from getting signed to major labels, to getting dropped from major labels, to headlining arena concerts. As a side-person, Phil never achieved “rock stardom”. But now that they are older, they are becoming more philosophical. With age Phil realizes that there is no point in playing it safe, trying to write songs you think will be hits. It’s time to write songs that reflect their own life and experiences, no matter how goofy or out of the main stream. 

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